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This is a challenging time in many ways and real estate can rapidly become one of the biggest challenges a family faces when handling their loved one’s estate matters.


We specialize in assisting families and the personal representatives, with the real estate needs of their loved one’s estate. Often times the executor of the estate must balance the wants and needs of the successors and beneficiaries along with the financial obligations of the deceased. We understand the work and unique challenges that the personal representative faces. We’ve helped many families navigate the process of evaluating their options with their loved one’s real estate.



We are not investors, and we don’t represent investors, or any buyers for that matter. Our goal is to help your family earn the most money possible for your loved one’s home while making the process as simple and easy as possible for everyone involved. Whether your family member left a will or their estate and the property need to go through the probate process, we are prepared to assist with all real estate needs. We provide the highest level of service and advocacy for the clients we represent.

How Else Can We Help?

• Communicating with lenders
• Recommending resources to help sell or remove personal property
• Recommending legal counsel
• Free home marketability consultation

Are You Ready For This?


Let’s face it, not every property left behind is in pristine shape. Some are in need of some serious repair. Deciding what to keep and what to discard requires time and careful consideration. It could take weeks just to clean out the many things left behind.

If the home was left in poor condition, we maintain a list of buyers willing to purchase properties in an “as is” condition.



I was the personal representative for my daughter’s estate. Dan with the Lucchesi Property Group reached out to me to discuss my plans for my daughter’s home in Denver. I told him that I didn’t know much about the home, since I live in Walden, CO and that a neighbor had agreed to purchase it for me. The neighbor wasn’t planning to pay very much at all for it, and I was going to accept his offer since I had no idea what the home was actually worth. Dan helped me determine real fair value of the home – so I hired the Lucchesi Property Group to help me sell the home for more than three times what the neighbor was going to pay us, which is a lot of money. He saved our hide! He also worked very well with our attorney, which made things very easy for me. I’m so glad that Dan reached out and even more happy that I hired him to help me and my family. If you are a personal representative and thinking about selling your loved one’s home, I strongly recommend you work with Dan and his team – I’m confident they’ll take great care of you too.

Gerald “Lowell” Moran


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